Red Desert / Il Deserto Rosso

It would be hard to overstate Michelangelo Antonioni’s influence on postwar cinema, architecture and design, fashion, and literature, even on modern conceptions of the intellectual and the erotic. Antonioni (1912–2007), whose fascination with mediated reality only deepened over time, was a restless experimenter with composition, camera movement, cutting, and storytelling.

Antonioni’s first color film Red Desert is an audiovisual tour de force. Hope you could have the chance to see it. It is like Rothko in cinema....

Cesare Deve Morire

Caesar Must Die is a  poetic expression of freedom and life. The story takes place at the high - security Rebibblia Prison in Italy. The real inmates prepare a performance on stage "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare.

“Caesar Must Die” is a really poetic film in addition to being realistic. It’s also notable that three of the inmates taking part in the play became involved with art after being released; two of them wrote books on freedom, while Striano started acting. The film transformed both actors and the audience, allowing them to peer beneath the surface. This could lead us to the notion that art will be our savior, even if Caesar must die!

Directors: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

Wild Tales

Wild Tales is  a story about love, deception, the return of the past, a tragedy, or even the violence contained in as everyday detail, appear themselves to push them towards the abyss, into the undeniable pleasure of losing control.

Wild Tales is a great new movie from Argentina, nominee for Oscar Best Foreign Language Film 2015.  Don't miss it! Enjoy!