Two great artists are showing their work in Chelsea this week. Don't miss them!

JOSEF KOUDELKA at Pace Gallery

Julian Cox observes:  There is something somber and disquieting about Koudelka’s panoramas. On the one hand, they are statements of fact and unstintingly particular in what they describe, but, on the other, they also function as a system of ideas as well as a ravishing feast for the eyes. Their beauty captivates, even if they do not provide an entirely hopeful picture for today or tomorrow. . . .

ERWIN OLAF at Hasted Kraeutler 

Describing Olaf’s work, the gallery’s website explains, “A compelling frisson is generated in the space between his superficially sleek surfaces and the depth of emotion they convey; between their expressive power and their formal silence. Every work Olaf produces is characterized by an almost overpowering energy of potential and poise, hovering in a place where all action is merely suggested or insinuated”.