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I am a Bulgarian-American artist and architect, who both resides and practices in New York. 
Born and raised in family of artists my senses have always been astute to colors, proportions, harmonious relationships between volumes and surfaces. Being an architect brings understanding of structure, utilitarian values, and budget interwoven with passion for proportions, movement, and spatial acceptance of the surrounding world. 
I see myself as part of progressive contemporary movement that challenges traditional notions of what fashion is and raises questions about the materials from which clothing and accessories are made. I am a strong believer in the creative use of recycled, upcycled and sustainable resources in art and architecture.
I would like my work to be accepted as a creative response towards finding new sources and expressions. I would like to be successful in the making of our surroundings more “visible” for people. I wish my designs to be truly generous and poetic, to merge textile; historical, geographical and environmental references; art and architecture together in a single aesthetic vision.
My work is featured in design, eco and fashion print and digital magazines and blogs in the USA, France, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Australia, Israel, Turkey, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, China and other countries.


2018 Magis Puppu Love Design Challenge, Herman Miller, New York

2018 Art by Architects, New York, New York Genome Center

2017   Vestiphobia Cuba, workshop at Galeria Torre Gorria & performance at Fabrica de Arte Cubano, Havana, Cuba

2012-2018   Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things, Vitra Design Museum, Germany + "la Caixa" Foundation, Spain, Traveling exhibition, various cities, Spain. My work represents Rubber Bands section

2016   Nomad Cycle, Installation, Long Island City, NY

2014   SABAI Sofia: Collection Madagascar, Bulgaria 

2014   Solo Exhibition ЛАСТИЦИ / Rubber Bands:  Art and Fashion, SKLADA, Sofia, Bulgaria  

2014   Upcycled, Catenary Art Gallery, Group Show, Santa Fe,  New Mexico

2013   6x13 Indianapolis Museum of Art Representing Design Art Society, IMA, Indiana, USA

2012   BOFFO Show House /Play House – Installation, LES, New York, NY

2012   Project IMA: IN:spired Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN,

2011-2012   WOW, World of Wearable Art, Finalist at Open Section, Wellington, New Zealand

2012   WOW Exhibition, Classic Cars Museum, Nelson, New Zealand

2011   Seventh Annual Small Works Show 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2011   SHOP: Like you Mean It, Underline Gallery, Curated Group Exhibition, Meatpacking District, NY

2011   Wear is Art, Dam Stuhltrager, Juried exhibition, Berlin, Germany

2010   Sixth Annual Small Works Show 440 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

2010   FNO: Fashion Night Out, NY Textile Arts Center, Curated group exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

2010   Celebrate Design, 2010 Cooper Classic Cars, Curated group exhibition,  New York, NY, 

2010   Cutting Edge: A Celebration of Fibers Textile Arts Center, Curated group exhibition, Brooklyn, NY,USA

2010    Project IMA: Fashion Unbound Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN, USA

2010    a.Dot, exhibition by CWA, AJ Kane Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

2009    DFT: Designers Find Time, Group exhibition, 255 Canal, New York, NY


2013 6x13 Indianapolis Museum of Art Representing Design Art Society, IMA
2012 Bell, Top Award: Elizabeth and Stephen Taylor Fashion Design Award. Black rubber bands, industrial felt scraps Project IMA: IN:spired Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN
2011 RB Dress III – Finalist Open Section Various colors and sizes rubber bands WOW, World of Wearable Art Wellington, New Zealand
2011 RB Dress II - Finalist Various colors and sizes rubber bands Wear is Art Dam Stuhltrager, Berlin, Germany
2010 RB Dress I - Finalist Various colors and sizes rubber bands In team with Iva Mileva Project IMA: Fashion Unbound Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN


2015 Maker Magic, by Connie Fox

2012 Educational Dossier Hidden Heroes. The Genius of Everyday Things Vitra Design Museum, Germany + "la Caixa" Foundation, Spain

Viction:ary        100 Eco Ideas + 100 Eco Designs    Book Published: 2011, Hong Kong


2017 Bounce Rubber Bands, Australia 2017 Vestiphobia en la Fabrica de Arte Cubano, Cuba 2017 On Cuba Vestiphobia Cuba, la extravagancia de la moda, Cuba 2015 Asia's Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Review, Mar/May 2014 bTV 1 Bulgarian TV and Media Group        2014 bnt Bulgarian National TV, August                   
2014 BRAVACASA, September, Bulgaria                     
2014 "Всичко за семейството", Newspaper, September, Bulgaria                                                     
2014 24 Часа Newspaper,August, Bulgaria
2013 NBC Today Show National TV, USA, January11, 
2013 The Sun UK, January 7, 2013
2013 NY1 TV Channel, New York, USA, January 8 2013
2013 NY Post, New York, USA, January 8, 2013
2013 Daily Mail UK, January 7, 2013
2011 BG Magazine, 063:Toys Ecuador, 12/2011
2011 EDNO Bulgaria. 4/2011
2011 Eigenhuis &anp; Interieur The Netherlands, 
2011 Rouge Bulgaria, 3/2011
2011 The Telegraph – Picture of the Day UK, January 6, 
2011 Chic Magazine Mexico, 2/2011
2011 את At Magazine Israel, 2/2011
2011 Form:The Making of Design Germany, Issue # 236
2010 Homee Art and Design Turkey, 8/2010
2010 TimeOutNY, Editors Obsessions New York, 2/2010

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  • Palm Springs Art Museum, California, USA

  • Brooklyn Museum, New York, USA

  • Parrish Art Museum, Southampton, NY, USA

  • MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

  • SAM, Seattle Art Museum, USA

  • IMA, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA

  • Asher Gallery, HCCC, Houston, Texas, USA

  • Underline Gallery, New York, NY, USA

  • Hudson Beach Glass, Beacon, NY, USA

  • Catenary Art Gallery, New Mexico, USA

  • SABAI Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • SKLADA, Sofia, Bulgaria

  • NeoShopNeo, Rome, Italy

  • Loja de Serralves, Foundacio Serralves, Porto, Portugal


Fashion is architecture: it is matter of proportions
— Coco Chanel